Airshows 2004

Volkel 18/06 - 19/06
The annual "Open Dagen" of the Dutch Airforce was held at the Volkel airbase in 2004. Highlights included the RAF Red Arrows, the Patrouille de France, a german Tornado and the Swiss F/A-18 Hornet.

Beauvechain 29/06
In June 2004 there was a "trainers meet" photocall at Beauvechain airbase.
There was a big local presentation of the belgiam Marchetti, Alpha Jets (before the move to France) and the F-16B.
Foreign visitors included 2 Spanish F-5B's, 2 French Epsilons, a UK Hawk and an F-4 Phantom.

Koksijde 03/07 - 04/07
The largest Belgian airshow in 2004 was held at Koksijde.
Koksijde is the home of the Seaking SAR helicopter (star of the "Windkracht 10" show). As always they provide a perfect search and rescue demonstration for the large crowds.
Other demonstrations were provided by a rare Italian Tornado, an Italian AMX and a Swedish Gripen.

Duxford 10/07 - 11/07
My first visit to the Flying Legends airshow at beautiful Duxford and it immediately won me over. A true must see for every warbird enthousiast. 14 different Spitfires, 4 Mustangs, 2 B-17's and 2 B-25's were amongst the vast lineup of impeccably restored aircraft.
Fairford 17/07 - 18/07
The 2004 edition of the Royal International Air Tattoo celebrated the 60th aniversary of D-Day, 100 years of Entente Cordiale, Fighter 2004 and 50 years of the mighty Hercules.
Further highlights included displays of the Red Arrows, the Patrouille Suisse, a Sea Harrier FA2, the F-15C East Coast Demo Team, a F-117 Stealth Fighter and the first appearance of a US-Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet, which gave away a stunning performance whilst carrying a full weapons load.
Sanicole 08/08
The Sanicole airshow provided us with a few rare demonstrations this year. There was a display by a German Tornado in a special color scheme and a rare A-10 demonstration. Other appearances were made by a French Mirage 2000 and a British Harrier.
Payerne 04/09 - 05/09
Payerne hosted the Swiss airshow in 2004. A long drive from Belgium, but it was worth it. The Swiss organisation provided the crowds with a highly variated airshow. Amongst the participants were a Finnish F/A-18C, an A-129 Mangusta, a USAF-15C, a Swedish Gripen, a German Eurofighter, a French Rafale and a US-Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet.
There was also a vast presence of internation demo teams such as the British Red Arrows, the Italian Frecce Tricolore, the Spanish Patrulla Aguila and of course the Patrouille Swiss .
Kleine Brogel 06/09
Here you can find a couple of photographs taken during a private visit at the Kleine Brogel airbase.


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