Airshows 2005

Bierset 04/06 - 05/06
In june 2005 the airport at Liège was transformed in a huge heliport for the 2005 Helidays. This airshow, as the name depicts, hosts mainly helicopters demonstrations. Two solo demonstrations jumped out however, namely the Dutch AH-64A Apache and the UK Army CH-47 Chinook, which gave away a stunning presentation.

Gilze Rijen 17/06 - 18/06
The 2005 Open Dagen from the Koninklijke Luchtmacht were held at the Gilze-Rijen airbase, home of the 301 Apache Sqn. The biggest crowd drawers were the AH-64 Apache solo display and a rare Saab Draken which was to be taken out of service later that year. Other regular appearances at the Dutch airshow were made by UK's Red Arrows, Blue Eagles and CH-47 Chinook display, as well as the solo displays of both the Dutch and Belgian Air Forces F-16's.

Le Bourget 17/06 - 18/06 - 19/06
Le Bourget isn't really the greatest and most spotter-friendly environment, but once in a while there are some great participants for the public to enjoy. Biggest attraction in 2005 was without question the first public performance of the latest product of the Airbus family, namely the big A-380 airliner. Further presentations were made by a Russian Sukhoi Su-27 SMK, a French Rafale, a US-Navy
F/A-18F Super Hornet and the USAF F-16.

Flying Legends 09/07 - 10/07
This year featured the 60th aniversary celebration of the end of WWII hosting a vast array of WWII airframes. Amongst 11 spitfires and no less than 5 Hurricanes there were the B-17 bombers "Sally B" and "Pink Lady", the Swiss B-25J belonging to the Alpine Fighter collection and a beautifully restored Lockheed Vega. Also a big moment was the first flying appearance made by Europe's only flying
P-51C Mustang, following a 7-year restoration. Named "Princess Elizabeth", P-51C 43-25147 was painted in the colors of Lt Bill Whisners aircraft, belonging to the 487th Fighter Squadron stationed at Bodney during the second World War.
Fairford 16/07 - 17/07
RIAT's 2005 edition supported 2 large themes: Surveillance and Tigers Roar. A bit less "exotic" and rare aircraft were present at this years Air Tattoo, but nevertheless it was again a great show. The biggest local crowdpleaser was without doubt the RAF's Eurofighter Typhoon which, incidently, nearly crashed during the friday rehearsal. The pilot came down from a half cuban eight only to find himself suddenly very close to the runway. Fortunately he remained calm and managed to pull up just a few feet above the runway.
Wales 18/07 - 21/07
A brief visit was made to the Welsch country side to catch some low-level flying between the mountains.
Sanicole 07/08
The small airfield of Hechtel once again hosted the 2005 Sanicole airshow. Despite the occasional showers there were some great displays of the A-109 Agusta of the Belgian Army, the UK's Merlin, a SAR display of the Belgian Air Force Seaking, the Duxford based T-33 and the USAF B-1B Lancer.
Koksijde 03/09 - 04/09
The Koksijde airshow was moved back to September this year. Amongst the large amount of "home" participants such as the BAF F-16, the Fouga Magister and of course the Mk.48 Seaking were a rare Belgian appearance of a Hungarian Mig-29B, the French Mirage 2000 and a French Alpha Jet solo display. From the earlier jet-age there were 2 displays made by a T-33 and a F-86 Sabre.
Kleine Brogel 08/09
Kleine Brogel is home of the 31st Tiger Sqn. During their annual photocall there were some interesting guests. A couple of Aero L-39 Albatrosses, a couple of Czech Mig-21's and the last appearance of a French Mirage IV bomber.
Duxford September 10/09 - 11/09
The September airshow at Duxford celebrated the 65th anniversary of the Battle Of Britain. Unfortunately the weather prevented the large amount of Spitfires and Hurricanes to take off and give the crowd a flying display. Instead they did all start their engines and treated the crowd with a taxi-run.


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