From Apache to Legend Airworthy Mustangs
Here you'll be able to read all about the history and development of the North American Aviation P-51 Mustang, from the design wonder NA-73X prototype to the ultimate development of the Piper PA-48 Enforcer.

More and more of these beautiful P-51's are being restored to date. In this section you'll be able to read and learn about some of those magnificently restored machines with names such as Cripes A' Mighty, Big Beautiful Doll, Ina The Macon Belle, Gentlemen Jim, Crazy Horse, Old Crow, ...

Aces High & Mustang Legends The United States Army Air Corps
Articles and stories of WWII fighter pilots who flew the P-51 Mustang. Learn more about the brave men who flew and fought over the skies in Europe and the Pacific theatre during the Second World War. Men such as Major George E. Preddy, Bill Preddy, Lt Col John C. Meyer, Capt Edwin Heller, Capt William Whisner, Col Clarence E. "Bud" Anderson, Col John D. Landers, the Tuskegee Airmen and many others.

We're not only focusing on the P-51 aces here because every fighter pilot who flew during the War deserves to get recognized for what they did. There were many brave men who didn't get the change to get to 5 kills before giving the ultimate sacrifice.

The United States Army Air Corps consisted, at its peak during WWII, of 20 numbered Air Forces.

Read all about the history of each numbered Air Force and its various Groups and Squadrons. Greatest detail goes to the "Migthy Eight" which included some of the most famous Fighter Groups such as the 4th FG (The Debden Eagles), the 78th FG (The Duxford Eagles), the 352nd FG (The Bluenosed Bastards of Bodney) and the 357th FG (The Yoxford Boys).

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