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serial n°
D-FPSI Lucky Lady VII
F-AZSB Nooky Booky IV
G-BIXL Miss Helen
G-BTCD Ferocious Frankie
G-HAEC Big Beautiful Doll
G-MRLL Marinell
G-MSTG Janie
G-SIJJ Jumpin Jacques
N1204 Ina The Macon Belle
N151BW Cripes A' Mighty
N167F Old Crow
N20MS Daddy's Girl
N251RJ Miss Velma
N451D Sweet & Lovely
N478FS Princess Elizabeth
N51BS Lil Margaret
N5551D Little Rebel
N74190 Happy Jack's Go Buggy
N851D Crazy Horse
N921 Cripes A' Mighty 3rd
N98CF Fragile But Agile
PH-PSI Damn Yankee
SE-BIL It's About Time



Here you can find the tales and background information of todays airworthy P-51 Mustangs. Names such as Cripes A' Mighty 3rd, Big Beautifull Doll, Gentlemen Jim, Janie, etc. grace the side of immaculately restored P-51s. More and more companies are getting involved in warbird restoration and the P-51 Mustang remains one of the most popular airframes to rebuild. Approximately 157 Mustangs are airworthy to date, with more than 50 still undergoing restoration to airworthy status.

The North American P-51 Mustang was one of the most widely produced wartime fighter aircraft. After its operational service, a lot of airframes were dumped for sale to the surplus market. Several aircraft were reconditioned and sold to foreign air arms around the world. They provide the biggest share of today's surviving Mustangs. The Royal Canadian Air Force, the Royal New Zealand Air Force and Australia (which produced licence built Mustangs, known as Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation or CAC) account for the part of recovered and restored airframes. When the Royal Canadian Air Force put their Mustangs up for disposal, 87 aircraft were sold to civilian owners, 30 of which still fly today. Of the CAC, 12 aircraft are still airworthy today.

Another major factor in the availability of Mustang airframes was the civilian rebuild of several Mustangs in the late 1960s, early 1970s by the Cavalier Aircraft Corporation.

Several recoveries of Mustang airframes were made in countries such as Nicaragua (12 Mustangs), Guatemala (10 Mustangs), El Salvador (10 Mustangs), Israel (4 Mustangs), Brazil (4 Mustangs) and Indonesia (15 Mustangs). The Dominican Republic used P-51s in operational service for the longest time and was the last country to provide a great number of airframes. On May 19th, 1984, after months of negotiations and bidding, Brian O'Farrell and Armin Mattli acquired the entire Mustang stock of the Fuerza Aerea Dominicana (FAB), including several warehouses full of spare parts (some were even still in their original NAA boxes).

On the left you can find a list of surviving P-51 Mustang airframes still flying today (the list is continuously being updated as a lot of Mustangs are changing hands and several are still undergoing restoration). The list is divided into two sections: on the left they are sorted alphabetically by their civil registration under which they are flying today, together with their paint scheme name. On the right they are sorted by their original serial number.

For each Mustang I've tried to include the history of both the airframe and the paintscheme, pictures and close-ups, as well as serial number, construction number and the current operator.

Mustangs forever!



Many reading and research has gone into these articles. There are a ton of books & resources available on the P-51 and going through all of those is nearly impossible. Some sources also contain inconsistency in their data and I have tried to provide you with the most accurate data possible.
All of the pictures used within the articles are regarded free of copyright or are published with permission from their author. If there should be a picture in one of the articles that is not, please notify me and it will be removed promptly.

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