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This site is basically intended as our online portfolio. It is designed to be an informative and high quality site about aviation photography in general (mostly military and vintage) and to give you an inside look of the dynamic and exciting world of flight. You'll find photoreports and articles about the airshows, exercises, base visits, ... which we've visited throughout the years.

Another large section of this website covers everything there is to know about the North American P-51 Mustang: its complete history, in depth reports about the current airworthy examples and biographies about the legends who flew them.

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Kathleen & Christophe


Why the P-51 Mustang?

When I started attending airshows once again in the early 2000s, I bought myself a painting of a P-51 Mustang to hang in my home office.

It was a painting by the talented and passioned Troy White entitled "American Patrol". It depicted a blue nosed P-51 Mustang, belonging to the 352nd Fighter Group, and flown by top Mustang ace, George E. Preddy.

The beautiful painting started to intrigue me, so I started looking up the background of the Mustang, Cripes A' Mighty, and its pilot. This resulted in the growth of a never ending passion for the P-51 and for all the heroes which fought over our skies in those dark days of the second World War.

On this website, we're hoping to share some of that passion and of the vast amount of information regarding the Mustang and the USAAF with you...

When I saw your bombers over Berlin protected by your long-range fighters, I knew then that the Luftwaffe would be unable to stop your bombers. Our weapons plants would be destroyed; our defeat was inevitable.

- Reichmarschall Hermann Goering to General Spaatz in 1945