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Florennes International Airshow 23-24/06

The 2012 Belgian Air Force airshow was held at Florennes airbase, home of the 2nd Tactical Wing. The show celebrated the 70th anniversary of military aviation at the Florennes airfield as well as the 95th anniversary of the 1st Squadron "The Stingers" and could thus count on a large participation of both the Belgian Air Force and a large group of foreign Air Force jet aircraft.

Since military history at Florennes started as far back as World War II, there was also a large contribution of warbird aircraft.

50° 14' 22.20" N
4° 38' 32.99" E

Florennes Air Base


Flying Legends 30/06 - 01/07

This year's Legend was another fabulous edition, with some unique participants over European skies, such as the Fighter Collection's longly anticipated flying debut of the Republic P-47 razorback Thunderbolt and for the last time in Europe this year the Sikorsky S-38 flying boat.

Also an extremely rare formation since the end of the Second World War: three Supermarine Spitfire Mk. Is !

Have a look inside for another action packed report of Flying Legends 2012...

IWM Duxford

United Kingdom

52° 05' 21.00" N
0° 07' 27.60" E

Photo Flying Days 15-19/08

From August 15th up to August 19th, the otherwise dormant former NATO reserve airfield of Malle, Zoersel came alive once more in order to host the 3rd edition of the Photoflying days. The third edition could count on a large variety of WWII warbirds such as a Supermarine Spitfire, Hawker Hurricane, P-51 Mustang, Vought F4U-4 Corsair and no less than two Grumman Avengers.

The weather played ball to enable the academy participants and spotters the opportunity to take part in what had to be the biggest blue hour photoshoot in Belgium.

51° 15' 31.80" N
4° 45' 7.19" E

Zoersel, Oostmalle


Sanicole Sunset Airshow 14/09

On September 14th the third edition of the Sanicole Sunset Airshow was held at the private airstrip of Sanicole, Hechtel. Although the sun was overruled by some thick and dark clouds, the organization nevertheless succeeded once again in providing a breathtaking show for the sold out crowd of 4000 people.

Leopoldsburg Airfield, Beverlo


51° 07′12″ N
005° 18′ 26″ E