Galleries 2013

Bronco Fan Day 24/03

After a disastrous 2012, which saw Tony De Bruyn getting involved in a crash with OV-10 Bronco 99+32 at a practice display at Kemble, UK, the team is back with a new Bronco: 99+18.

They first presented it to the public at their home base at Kortrijk Wevelgem airport in Belgium on March 24th, 2013.

The plan is to get the aircraft fully restored an airworthy for displays at the next airshow season...

50°49'10.91" N
3°12'37.08" E

Kortrijk Wevelgem International Airport


La Ferté Alais 18 - 19/05

In 2013, the AJBS (Amicale Jean Baptiste Salis) remembered 40 years of air displays at the Cerny airdrome.

That's right, this year marked the 41st meeting aérien of this one of a kind event, which is also known as “Fête Aérienne de la Ferté-Alais”, “Les Temps des Hélices” or “Meeting de la Pentecôte”.

If you ever want to be in aviation history heaven, this is as close as one might get in Europe, taking you back from the early beginnings of flight to modern times.

Le Ferté Alais, Essonne


48° 28' 59.02" N
2° 20' 52.87" E

Oostwold 20/05

The seventh edition of the bi-annual romantic Oostwold airshow setting was almost not happening at all due to extremely bad weather.

Nevertheless, the organisational team of the Oostwold event managed to pull about every tric they had out of their magic hat and managed to stun the crowds once more with a very attractive show.

53° 12' 17.40" N
7° 01' 32.40" E

Oostwold, Groningen,

The Netherlands

Duxford Spring Airshow 26/05

The IWM Spring Airshow 2013 was definitely one that will go down in the history books.

On this year's first of four airshows at Duxford a commemoration of 70th anniversary of the arrival of the USAAF Eight Air Force in England (including the 78th Fighter Group at Duxford) was held. Stars of the event were the Eagle Squadron, consisting of a Supermarine Spitfire, Hawker Hurricane, P-47 Thunderbolt and P-51C Mustang which made a lasting impression on everyone present at this historic event.

Find out more inside!

IWM Duxford

United Kingdom

52° 05' 21.00" N
0° 07' 27.60" E

Open Dagen KLU 14-15/06

2013 marked the 100th anniversary of the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) or Koninklijke Luchtmacht, the military aviation branch of the Netherlands Armed Forces.

Obviously this could not be passed over without an appropriate celebration.

The RNLAF more then succeeded in taking the crowds back to a centennial history lesson of Dutch military aviation by presenting them with a wide range of displays.

51° 39' 15.59" N
5° 41' 16.19" E

Volkel Air Base


Paris Airshow 17-23/06

Salon International de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace du Bourget.

The 50th anniversary of the bi-annual Paris airshow was a remarkable one. For one there was the complete absence of any US military aircraft because of US Governement sequestration.

Secondly there was the huge Russian military participation bringing along star aircraft such as the Sukhoi Su-35 and Kamov Ka-52 Alligator.

Koksijde Air Base


51° 05' 52.55" N
2° 35' 37.25" E

Flying Legends 13-14/07

Well, this was certainly a very emotional and moving edition of the annual Mekka of warbirds.

The 20th edition of Flying Legends paid hommage to the legend of Sir Steven Grey as he bid farewell to the airshow scene and Legends organisation, leaving the future of the show in the capable hands of his son, Nick Grey.

Blue-nosed Mustangs, Spitfires, a new Hurricane arrival, Yaks, a trio of Hawker biplanes and a farewell to the beloved P-47 Snafu as it departed for the US the following month. This is certainly a must read!

52° 05' 21.00" N
0° 07' 27.60" E

IWM Duxford

United Kingdom

Sanicole Sunset Airshow 13/09

Although the 4th edition of the Sanicole Sunset Airshow was one without a beautiful sunset, the magic was once again really present. The organisers managed once more to captivate the crowds with many pyrotechnic and flares demonstrations, with the SWIP team really standing out against the darkening skies.

Leopoldsburg Airfield, Beverlo


51° 07′12″ N
005° 18′ 26″ E