Galleries 2014

La Ferté Alais 07-08/06

The 2014 edition of the “Fête Aérienne de la Ferté-Alais” aka, “Les Temps des Hélices” aka“Meeting de la Pentecôte” aka aviation history heaven, commemorated the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

With the participation of the Marine Nationale and the French Air Force, as well as numerous aircraft taking you as far back as WWI, the 2014 airshow was another gem.

48° 28' 59.02" N
2° 20' 52.87" E

Le Ferté Alais, Essonne


Open Days KLU 20-21/06

The 2014 Royal Netherlands Air Force Open Days were held at the Gilze-Rijen helicopter Air Base in the soutern part of the Netherlands.

The big theme for this year was "Operatie Luchtsteun" (Operation Air Support), detailing the international operations in which the RNLAF was and is involved.

Gilze Rijen Air Base


51° 34' 1.19" N
4° 55' 32.39" E