My name is Kathleen and I was born in Vilvoorde (Belgium).

As a teenager, my biggest dream was to be part of the Air Force and to become one of the first female F-16 pilots. Unfortunately, due to not 100% eyesight, I had to give up on that dream, but that did not mean that I gave up on my passion!

For years, I attended airshows, visited airports and collected all kinds of aviation and military gadgets.

When I met Christophe, we were able to share our passion for aviation together and I also started taking pictures at airshows.


My name is Christophe Haentjens and I was born in Ghent (Belgium).

As a kid, my dad once took me to an airshow in Koksijde and I was hooked ever since. What could be more beautifull then watching those beautifull machines and relics take to the sky?

My interest mainly goes out to military aviation and historical aviation (the warbirds).

When you've heard the sound of a Merlin engine and witnessed the shear grace and elegance of a Spitfire or Mustang in the air, it's very hard not to get overwelmed. It truly is the most beautiful sight!

My favourite aircraft is without any doubt the once mighty P-51 Mustang. This was the aircraft that had a big part in the outcome of WWII. Amazingly, it was designed and built in only 120 days!

Thankfully more and more aviation enthousiasts and companies are putting in the effort to restore and rebuild those magnificent aircraft. I love it so much I dedicated an entire part of my website to this sleek and elegant airplane.

As far as jets are concerned, my biggest favourite today is the F/A-18 Super Hornet (sadly, those mighty F-14's are no longer here...) and in the rotary wing department it has to be the AH-64 Apache.

I started a serious passion for aviation photography back in 2003, when I bought my first Canon digital SLR. The resulting images can be found on our website.

When I met Kathleen, I was extremely thankful to be able to share my passion with her. I'm a very lucky man to receive such great support from a fantastic wife!